Sunday, December 3, 2006

How to make pdflatex work with graphicx package

Once you have finished typesetting your brilliant paper with a bunch of precious artistic figures in eps files, most probably you want to create a pdf out of it. Sadly, it's not a straight forward process. If you use graphicx package, pdflatex will throw an error or produce a pdf with no figures in it.

You can still get a pdf by either by:
Generating a dvi file and then using dvipdfm to convert it to a pdf.

Using epstopdf to convert your figures from eps to pdf. Then you can use pdflatex.
For pdflatex to work, use


instead of


Both latex and pdflatex will pick their own files.

To convert all eps files in current directory, use:

for f in *.eps; do epstopdf $f; done

For more details, check

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