Monday, November 24, 2008

Kile on Windows

Finally, I was able to package Kile under KDE on Windows.

The SVN version compiles, but needs some patching. Then it runs, builds tex documents with no problem and even outputs dvi to yap (I've set it up for Miktex).

Unfortunately, code completion does not work somehow and sometimes Kile crashes. But that was a quick&dirty hack just to see if it would run. I guess this problems could be fixed later.

Take a look, I made a few screenshots:
Kile for Windows


Lingstein said...

Greetings! friend I have installed the KDE 4.2.0 for Windows satisfactorily, kile run perfectly, but doesn't build Tex documents, therefore it doesn't output dvi to Yap, how I set it up for MiKTeX?

Excellent Post! Thanks!

oldmoozy said...

Great news! I remember my patches were implemented some time ago and it's nice to see that they help other people :-)

It is hard to tell what might be wrong without actually looking at your setup. I works fine with MikTeX for me. Being able to compile and show the document in yap.

Here is what I would check:
1. Check that MikTeX is installed and works correctly. Open a Windows command line prompt, type 'latex' and see if it runs. Check 'yap' also. If they don't, fix your MikTeX.

2. Assuming MikTeX is allright, run Kile and go Settings/Configure Kile...
You need Tools/Build there. QuickBuild should be "Latex+ViewDVI", for ViewDVI command: yap, Options: %target (the rest you may fill in later)
I guess that is a minimum you need. Hit QuickBuild button on the toolbar and cross your fingers.