Sunday, January 25, 2009

Fix for Fallout 3 crash when entering Broken Bow or Jefferson Memorial

For those of you who are experiencing problem with Fallout 3 crashing to desktop when you come close to the Broken Bow near the Rivet City or Jefferson Memorial here is a quick workaround:
  1. You can not get to the Broken Bow to see Dr.Pinkerton as a part of “The Replicated Man” or “The Wasteland Survival Guide”.

    Press “~” to open the console. Type coc “RCLowerDeckFore” to get in the Broken Bow underwater entrance. Once done with this location do not exit to the “Capital Wasteland”, the game would crash. Enter coc “MegatonCommonHouse” to get out of there. Alternatively you can use movetoqt to get next to your current quest goal.

  2. Jefferson Memorial, a part of “Scientific Pursuits”, “The Waters of Life” and “Take it Back!” quests.

    To get into the Memorial use coc “PPurity02”, that would teleport you to the Gift Shop, type coc “MegatonCommonHouse” to get out.

    Once your father asks you to drain the pipes (“Drain the Intake Pipes” sub
    goal of “The Waters of Life” quest) you stuck. You can’t reach the valve without crashing the game. Instead we would tell the game to complete this part for us.

    SetObjectiveCompleted 00014E8B 70 1
    SetObjectiveDisplayed 00014E8B 75 1
    SetStage 00014E8B 75

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